Saturday, October 8, 2011

Logic Puzzles 04 - My Favorite Fruit

Hope everyone is enjoying the critical thinking worksheets.  Today's logic puzzles is "My Favorite Fruit".  You can click on the worksheet to view it on Google Docs or download the PDF format using the link below.  Enjoy!

Logic Puzzles 04 - My Favorite Fruit
Use the clues to find out each person's favorite fruit.
Pages: 2 including grid and answer key
Grades: 3 - 5

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  1. I used to love logic puzzles when I was a kid. Thanks for posting all of these work sheets to help promote critical thinking for kids. I really appreciate the work.

  2. Nice blog. If you like logic puzzles you might also like cryptic crosswords. I have done a series of posts explaining how to approach the clues - once you get into them they are fascinating. This was the first post in the series:

  3. for logic puzzle 4, apples and grapes both have 6 letters in it. we could not solve it.We had to look at the answers but it wasnt clear why elaine liked grapes not apples.

    1. We had the same problem with this one.

  4. Love these logic puzzles. Thanks so much!