Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Logic Puzzles For Kids 51 - Thanksgiving Lunch Feast

Hi everyone,  I hope everyone will have a Happy Thanksgiving!  I will be going out of state this long weekend.  So the next few days no new logic puzzles.

Logic Puzzles 51 - Thanksgiving lunch feast
Pages: 5 including grid and answer key
grades 3 - 6
Click on the worksheet to view it on Google Docs

Hope everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanks! You've got some great worksheets!

  2. Hi
    On Logic Puzzle 29's answer key is states Andrew is Ruby's son - how did you deduct that from the clues?

    1. The student's name are : Andrew, Mindy, Anna, Wendy and David.
      Clue no. 1 said :
      Wendy and her dad came before Ruby and her son but after David.
      Ruby came with her son, and there only 2 boys meaning it should be either Andrew or David. We know Wendy came before Ruby but after David. So that tells us David is not Ruby's son, so Andrew have to be Ruby's son.